How to Get rid of Crickets: Keep Unwelcoming Guests Out of Your Home With Effective Steps

The chirping of cricket is a pleasant sound of the summer. Even in some countries, For example, China, crickets are considered the symbols of wealth and good luck. But these crickets feel like an annoying nuisance when they raid your house as an unwelcoming guest. Human guests are still tolerable as they do not bring harm and destruction. However, crickets bring irritating voices and destructive infestation to your home from Crickets. They damage your lawn, and property and eat away wood, cotton, and fabric. They invade your home, especially in the summer when you open the door and windows to get fresh air. But, crickets misperceive this sign as a welcome sign. 

If the crickets have made their way to your home, this is the right time to think about how to get rid of them. This blog will shed light on the simple yet effective steps that will help kill and repel the crickets. But if the cricket infestation has reached the threshold level, you must contact exterminators to protect your home and health. Let’s delve into the details of how we banish these intrusive and noisy pests from our homes for good!

Diversity in Crickets’ Types 

If you are grappling with a crickets problem in your lawn, room, or garage, they are possibly one of three breeds. 

  • House Crickets

As the name indicated, they mostly live in the house. Anyone can recognize this type of cricket due to its long antennae and brown bands on the body. They usually live outside till winter and invade your home looking for moisture and warmth. 

  • Spider Crickets

They are usually recognized due to their variety of names. They are called cave crickets or camel crickets due to their body shape and color. Being light brown, they are found in garages and basements rather than in a living space. Unlike house crickets, they don’t chirp. 

  • Field Crickets

If you spot a dark black cricket in your indoor spaces, these are field crickets for sure. They show similar behavior in winter and are also attracted to your home for food. 

Reliable Ways to get rid of Crickets In the House 

Making your indoors less inhabitable and desirable for crickets is the most effective way of reducing the occurrence of crickets. Let’s explore the effective remedies and techniques for protecting your home from pest infestation!

  • Try the Traditional School of Molasses 

Just like cookies and candies are used to lure the children, molasses is also used to trap the irritating crickets. Add 3 to 4 teaspoons of molasses to  3 cups of water, mix it, and set this mixture in a mason jar. This mixture acts as a trap as its sweetening smell lures the cricket. In excitement, they jumped into the jar and drowned. This is an effective way for cricket removal. 

  • Cover your Indoor Spaces with Boric acid 

Boric acid helps in crickets control. Before its application, you must identify the places of the crickets nest and spread it on the nest, crack, and crevices. Boric acid ingestion will prove fatal for the crickets. Eventually, you will stop listening to their noise. 

  • Sprinkle Diatomaceous Powder in the House

The diatomaceous powder is a white powder usually derived from algae called diatoms. Unlike boric acid, it is safe to use even near pets and children. When crickets come into contact with this powder, they die due to severe dehydration. To repel the crickets, the powder must be sprinkled around the entry points. 

  • Count on the Natural oils 

What could be better than natural remedies for preventing cricket infestation in your home? Natural essential oils contain potent ingredients that help you in getting rid of crickets. For this purpose, peppermint oil in water is an effective remedy. Spray this mixture on all the cracks, entry points, and underneath beds to control the undesirable existence of crickets. 

  • Start Vacuuming Crickets Hiding Spots 

Vacuuming is another effective way to rein in the proliferation of crickets. If you have discovered the hiding spot of crickets, this is your bright chance to kill their eggs spontaneously by vacuuming. When you are done with this procedure, dispose of it in an outdoor space. 

  • Start Dehumidification and De-cluttering Now!

Most of the crickets specifically spider crickets take shelter in your home for the sake of moisture and heat. High moisture content produces a conducive environment for crickets but it discomforts you. In this case, use a dehumidifier to lessen the comfort of crickets as they yearn for damp places, de-cluttering of the living space will also upset the comfort of spider crickets. If the situation has gone past the threshold, avail of the services of spider cricket exterminators

  • Trust in Your Pets 

Pets like cats and dogs have the inherent instinct of catching all the hovering insects. So, let them help you in getting rid of this harmful pest. Moreover, you can also install a bird feeder in your garden which will attract birds to enjoy their cricket meal. 

  • Application of pesticides Crickets

Pesticides give immediate results but their application is not without any danger. For jiminy cricket pest control, Pesticides must be used according to the prescription of professionals and manufacturers. Common application areas are garages, basements, and window frames. 

Unveiling Different Strategies to Repel the Crickets 

Prevention is better than cure. Different preventive strategies should be employed to further keep crickets out of your home. 

  • Seal up the cracks and crevices around your windows and doors 
  • Make your outdoor space unwelcoming and undesirable for crickets by trimming and pruning your lawn from time to time 
  • As crickets are attracted to bright yellow colors, it is advisable to switch to white fluorescent lights 
  • Grow some nitrogen-fixing plants in your lawn as these plants irritate the crickets and drive them out. 
  • Avoid leaving the food outside as the crickets are usually attracted to the food item.  So, keep them in the refrigerator 
  • Crickets tend to hide themselves in a heap of garbage and firewood. It is usually advised to keep the garbage and firewood 20 feet away from your house. 


Crickets pose serious harm to your peace of mind, property, and fabric materials. One cannot co-exist with such a destructive creature in his home. The only thought that comes to mind is how to get rid of the crickets. Don’t worry! This blog has come up with several effective cricket-controlling remedies that not only kill them but also repel them. If you think that your home is on the verge of invading by crickets, pick any remedy and take action!

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